Biometric Identity

At Cybolt we provide biometric solutions that meet the requirements of financial institutions, public security and municipal, state, federal government and we develop biometric identification systems for various sources: iris, fingerprint, facial, life detection, among others.
This is the fastest and most reliable method to identify and authenticate individuals and avoid document fraud and identity theft.

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Anonymous facial recognition

We implement facial recognition through the use of biometric engines or AI and without the need to request personal information. Its examples of use include, persona content, white lists, blacklists, access control, time in stores and for government uses, search for people of interest and generation of databases in critical events.

E-Gates with biometric verification and validation of identity documents

Biometric access control systems in airport security areas, border crossings and restricted access areas that allow remote supervision and guarantee access for authorized persons.

Access controls and visitor registration

Solutions for the management of secure access, assistance controls, visitor records that will optimize the processes. The scope can be extended to obtaining valuable information for generating internal analyzes and statistics.

Estaciones de enrolamiento con y sin contacto
Winding stations with and without contact

We integrate fingerprint, facial, iris, etc. biometry solutions, with and without contact, ideal for on boarding in mobile applications, airports, financial institutions, Fintech, among others.

 ABIS/AFIS criminal and civil

We integrate automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) and automated biometric identification systems (ABIS) for large-scale identification and deduplication of biometric data.

This is an effective tool for the investigation of crimes, well, for the identification of people in migratory processes and for the application of the law.

ABIS_AFIS criminal y civil
8 Sistemas forenses – Análisis de huellas latentes_
Forensic systems and latent skin analysis

These are solutions that allow the identification of a person’s huellas during the investigation of crimes. The latent fingers are those that are found in a crime scene and with our technology it is possible to determine their correspondence with the persons involved.


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