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At Cybolt we have advanced solutions to help different government entities at all levels to provide citizen security through the use the last of technology.

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A comprehensive administrative, modular management system that includes all stages of police administration. The tool organizes the information and the databases for its analysis, obtaining statistics and police intelligence.

Justicia Cívica

Civic justice system 

  • It allows to automate processes in railing, legal medicine, citizen complaint, civic work, offender identities.
  • Establish roles and permissions to limit functions to the different parties involved.
  • Print the formats required by the civic court processes.
  • Geospatial information structure for its exploitation in geographic information systems.
  • The system adjusts to the needs of each Municipality or State.

Video surveillance with artificial intelligence (C4/C5 Monitoring Center)

It offers immediate and automatic analysis of events (for anomalies) and requires less reliance on human monitoring. With local and State Center alerts and includes state-of-the-art video analytics such as: intrusion detection, vandalism, crowds, speed and trajectory, anonymous facial recognition, explosions, unusual behavior, object and person tracking, lost objects, exit from a specific area , recognition of license plates, brands and colors of vehicles; vehicle and people counting, traffic map.

Analíticos para Videovigilancia con Inteligencia Artificial copia

Smart Locator: We turn each cell phone into an extension of the city’s video surveillance system.

  •  With SmartLocator citizens report emergencies in real time and through the GPS of any mobile device, institutions improve response times, all from a platform connected to the 911 emergency care center of the corresponding city.
  • Sending photos and video in real time to C5/C4/911 in the event area.

Emergency Bracelets

  • Alerts the authorities in case of emergencies of people at risk of gender violence, attention to emergencies for the elderly and transport personnel (drivers) en route to their destination.
  • It has a button that activates a direct call to 911.
  • Immediate geolocation of the point where the person requesting help is located.
12 Sistema de Videovigilancia Colaborativa para la Ciudadanía y 9-1-1
14 Sistemas Inteligentes para Infraestructura Vial

Intelligent systems for road infrastructure

  • Fixed and mobile road arches.
  • CCTV and monitoring of highways and roads.
  • Plate recognition (LPR).
  • Fine photo.
  • Non-intrusive inspection of vehicles and containers (X-rays).
  • Drug and explosive detection systems.
  • Control of collection booths.
  • IMEI and IMSI catcher (cellular number detection).

fixed road arches

  • Speed detection.
  • Panoramic photo capture of the vehicle.
  • Automatic plate recognition (ALPR).
  • Tag reading REPUVE.
  • Capture and storage of cell numbers and IMEI.
  • Warning on c4/c5.
Arcos Móviles para Identificación Vehicular y de Personas de Interés

Mobile road arches

  • Strengthens the public security strategy in the prevention and combat of crime.
  • light vehicle.
  • Identification of vehicles with theft report.
  • Identify people of interest through facial recognition.
  • Improves the equipment of the police forces.
  • It has a complete monitoring office with at least two professional positions similar to the C5 command center.
  • Strengthens the video surveillance network in areas with a higher crime rate and influx of people.

Emergency assistance vehicle 

  • With elevator and fixed space for wheelchair.
  • Equipped with a refillable storage tank for clean water.
  • With waste water tank.
  • Includes light plant.
  • It has folding stairs.
  • It has compartments (airplane type) for the protection of various equipment.
  • First aid kit compartment.
Centro de Mando Móvil

Mobile Command Center

The technology of the Emergency Attention Center (C4/C5) incorporated into the CMM, enabling the immediate response of emergency attention throughout the city and remote places.

    • Satellite communication.
    • crisis room.
    • Night vision cameras.
    • PTZ cameras for video surveillance and people detection.
    • LPR cameras.
    • RFID reader

Electric patrols 

High-performance electric vehicle for patrolling in the city that includes a video surveillance system with facial recognition and license plates to identify vehicles and persons of interest.

  • Save approximately 50% compared to the cost of gasoline.
  • The maintenance cost is lower than that of a traditional vehicle.
  • Includes beaconing: turret, strobes, siren, electronic equipment, internal and external camera.
  • Equipped with all the components required by the State and Municipal SSPs.
Patrullas Eléctricas


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