While you are reading this line, at least one cyberattack is happening around the world. Cybolt helps companies, organizations, and governments manage digital risks and live in an environment of confidence and certainty.
In today’s post-COVID world, due to the increasing reliance on border-less workplace technology, every organization (regardless of size and industry) faces digital threats. However, solving digital threats goes beyond simply installing an antivirus system. Cyberattackers have become smarter, faster, and more accurate. At the same time, the offering for the protection has turned complex, expensive and blurred. This is where Cybolt can help.

Cybolt is a pure-security player that aims to create trustworthy environments for its clients, preparing them to face the threats and risks to come.

Cybersecurity Offering

We can provide all components on the Security Frame for any kind of appliance, identity, information or resource, in any sort of deployment model.


Cybolt´s operation center, where most services are delivered, is located 30 miles from Mexico City. The facility is designed to provide high availability services supported by power generation and backup. Also, the facility is fully secured (24/7) with the highest levels of security (policeman, CCTV, etc). In this complex, we deploy our own certified Data Center with one thousand working positions for business continuity.

Inside the facility, through local specialized engineers, we provide cybersecurity services to different parts of the world in both Spanish and English language at low costs.

Experience, Knowledge and Resources

Nowadays, Cybolt is proud to work with 200+ companies across a variety of industries and sizes, including the public and private sectors, 4 of the largest banks of the world, the Mexican government and the industry leaders on retail, communications and services industries.