Critical Infrastructure Protection

Comprehensive solutions for the modernization of security systems and equipment for the protection of critical infrastructure such as: prisons, highways, airports, among others.

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Prison security

  • CCTV and monitoring with AI.
  • Perimeter detection.
  • Customs control.
  • CT and X-ray inspection: Vehicles, luggage and packages and human body scanning.
  • Detection of explosives and narcotics.
  • Roll call, visitor control.
  • cell inhibitors.
  • UVI.
  • Biometric and security access controls.

Human body scan and X-rays

  • X-ray and CT equipment for vehicles, containers, trains, packages and luggage.
  • Scanners of the human body by Millimeter Waves.

Detection of drugs and explosives (RNI)

  • Technology for detecting prohibited substances and products.


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