Cybersecurity Managed Services

We monitor and manage the security of your company, ensuring service levels, reducing costs and adhering to best practices.

Do you have a cybersecurity incident?

According to the results of our most recent survey of CISOs from companies of different sizes and all industries, the three main problems they face are those related to getting experts, integrating a huge number of technologies and the full scope of cybersecurity requirements. At Cybolt we solve these challenges for you, at the best possible cost, through our Managed Services model:

Cybersecurity as a Service.

.Our managed services can be delivered by any of our offers, transformed into a monthly payment service that guarantees levels of service, beyond the technology or brands used, leaving your operation in our hands from start to finish through our group of specialized and certified engineers located in our world-class facilities for high availability operations with redundant systems, and implemented according to global best practices.

Advanced Cybersecurity Services.

This allows us to offer highly specialized services with highly recognized technical and human resources, and that can cover aspects of cybersecurity beyond traditional ones to help address issues of high impact for organizations, where best practices, knowledge and experience make a difference.

Cybersecurity as a Service

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Advanced Cybersecurity Services

Browse from left to right among the solutions we have for you.